At the wellness circle we offer Corporate Wellness with an ‘Integrated health approach’. You know that wonderful nourished feeling when you are rested, eating healthily & also taking care of your exercise/self care-regime?

With our team of therapists & healthcare professional we help your staff achieve this balance through;

Onsite massage, Mental Well-being Resilience Workshops, Yoga classes & Talks on Nutrition & Sleep

We also offer baby massage courses


Onsite Massage/ Mental Health Workshops/ Nutrition & Sleep Talks

workplace wellness

Today we are leading increasingly busier lives with sometimes not enough time to look after ourselves. We need to have some sort of work-life balance to avoid burn-out, we're not machines! We need to nurture and care for both the mind and body through relaxation helping the mind to switch off an avoid a build-up of stress hormones in the body. Through sports physiology we can empower your staff to help with performance & Stress.

Through our Nutrition talks and the Science behind getting a better nights sleep we can help your staff achieve that work-life balance!

Win-win for everyone!

Regular relaxation keeps stress in check and can help to avoid illnesses and strengthens the immune system.

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Wellness Days

Reward your team with wellness

As a reward to your staff we can come to your place of work (or another location) and tailor a wellness day to suit their needs. We bring our team of professional therapists and make it as easy as possible for you!

Choose from a number of our deeply relaxing wellness therapies & classes to fine tune your wellness day to suit the needs of your hard-working team.

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Baby Massage

An age old Tradition...

Baby massage is an ancient tradition that originates in India. It is passed down from grandmother to mother and this beautiful tradition continues.. French physician Frederick Leboyer recounts his personal first hand experience through his book 'Loving hands'. His message conveys the true essence of baby massage..

'Being touched and caressed being massaged, is food for the infant. Food as necessary as mineral, vitamins and proteins'


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We bring wellness to you

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